4 Reasons Why WAKAME SEAWEED Is AMAZING For Your Skin

4 Reasons Why WAKAME SEAWEED Is AMAZING For Your Skin

 Wakame Seaweed Skincare


As you may already know, we LOVE seaweed. The evidence of what seaweed can do for our skin is amazing, hence why it is one of the star ingredients in our natural skincare formulations. Here are some evidence based findings of one of the seaweed species we use: Wakame Seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida)



~ Helps reduce inflammation caused by allergic skin conditions such as     eczema and topical dermatitis.
~Reduces redness after sun exposure.



~ Improves skin elasticity and reduces collagen break down.
~ Potent antioxidant activity that prevents the activity of free radical causing enzymes.



~ Reduces redness after sun exposure.
~ Improves immune activity against viruses such as herpes simplex.



    ~ Improves moisture retention and skin hydration.
    ~ Supports restoration of skin following UV damage.


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        The Wakame Seaweed used in Concordia natural skincare products are certified organic and TGA approved. We utilize an Australian company who are government funded to do research on seaweed, so you can be assured that the quality and results are of an extremely high quality.

        Our current products that contain Wakame Seaweed are: Hydrating CremeReplenishing Hand Cream and Nourishing Body Lotion.

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