Inspiration Behind the Product - Purifying Cream Cleanser

Having a bad skin trifecta (oily/ combination skin that is also sensitive and prone to breakouts), I have found it quite a balancing act to keep my complexion from having such an identity crisis. As a result I have spent so much time and money on products over the years, but still couldn't find my glass slipper, particularly when it came to face cleansers. Whilst I found some products that were okay, created by brands containing good quality ingredients and great ethics, I just couldn't find a cleanser that suited my skin, the way I wanted it to. I found cleansers for oily skin too harsh and drying, cleansers for sensitive skin too weak, and some just too reactive on my skin due to particular ingredients or even essential oils such as lavender and geranium which I am unfortunately sensitive to, and are very commonly used for scent.

So as you may imagine, the now Purifying Cream Cleanser in our range was the first experiment. My goal was to create a cleanser with the following features

~ Gentle and suitable for sensitive skin (pH balanced and gentle on the acid mantle)

~ Fragrance free and low essential oil content (we always use less than 0.5 % essential oils, if any at all)

~ Effective cleansing action without using detergents

    Our cleanser features our star ingredient seaweed, alongside the purifying effects of green clay, the regenerative benefits of tamanu oil,  and the refreshing essence of peppermint and lemon. Not to mention a whole concoction of other skin conditioning and cleansing ingredients with a low comedogenic potential. The result is a green creamy goodness that leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed and looking clear and healthy.

    We think we have succeeded in creating a pretty great product that ticks all the boxes, and we are obsessed with it! We hope that it will be the answer for others still looking for their ideal face cleanser. 


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