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Support For Sea Shepherd

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What Do Sea Shepherd Do?

Sea Shepherd, which was founded in 1977 are well known for their front line approach anti-whaling missions, which has played a vital role in whale conservation both physically and by raising global awareness. But Sea Shepherd campaigns also focus on the protection of all marine animals and their habitat, and ultimately our earth, their mission statement is: Defend, conserve and protect the marine environment and all the creatures that inhabit it.

A key campaign at the moment is Operation Reef Defense, for which the mission is to stop the proposed Carmichael coalmine from destroying The Great Barrier Reef - one of the natural wonders of the world that is vital for our Earth's ecosystem.

Why We Support Sea Shepherd.

When we first started our business we always wanted to be able to support a cause close to our hearts. As the core ingredients of our natural skincare range include seaweed extracts and sea salt sourced from the beautiful Tasmanian east coast, it seems obvious we would want to support the conservation of our oceans. Oceans take up 71% of the earths surface, 97% of the earth's total water, and 99% of the living space on the planet. Destroy our oceans and we destroy our planet.

Therefore marine conservation as a whole is what's really important to us, this includes the protection of our oceans and preventing the unnecessary slaughter of the oceans majestic animals.

Hence we have made the commitment to support Sea Shepherd by donating monthly to their Direct Action Crew, and when possible sending some Concordia products to keep them feeling clean and nourished for their missions. We will also now be stocking their Tote bags to help further fund their amazing and important work.. Find out more about Sea Shepherd and how you can help by visiting their website:

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