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The Story

Concordia is the brainchild of Tasmanian husband and wife team Natasha and James. Natasha is a qualified Naturopath (BHSc Nat) with a history of sensitive skin, eczema and acne. Whilst finding improvements in her skin conditions through nutritional and herbal medicines she still suffered from these ailments. Finding relief only when holidaying in coastal regions after swimming in the ocean, Natasha sought to harness the healing powers of the ocean combined with her naturopathic knowledge and personal experience to create a skincare range to alleviate and nourish her skin. With encouragement from James along with his business management experience, Alas! Concordia was born! Concordia meaning “harmony” in Latin encompasses Natasha and James’ mission to handcraft products that help to balance reactive skin. The baby range was developed specifically for their son Archie who has inherited his Mum’s eczema skin.

The Products

The Concordia Handcrafted Skincare range utilizes premium quality ingredients to create gentle effective skincare that balances and nourishes the skin. Key ingredients include pure marine extracts, nut and plant oils, butters, floral waters and herbal extracts. The products are pH balanced, stabilised, and preserved using naturally derived materials that are gentle and non-invasive to sensitive skin.

Concordia strives to use high quality, Australian certified organic natural ingredients. Our products are 100% free from sulphates, parabens, detergents, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.


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